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All furnaces require annual maintenance and occasional adjustments to maintain their reliability, efficiency and the owners obligation to fulfill the terms of their warranty . You will find information in your homeowners manual to this effect. Here at CURTIS we service all brands and upgrade our training on an ongoing basis to ensure we are on top of your furnace regardless of brand, age or efficiency.

All furnace manufactures produce quality products.  Most problems sometimes arise due to installation and maintenance. There are alot of "backyard" installers, out to install the cheapest product utilizing all available "shortcut" methods and low-end materials to reduce their costs.  Regardless of what they state, there is typically no after install service. We have taken on many of their clients when their equipment fails to operate and the installer is no longer available.

Heating Equipment Installations

We have been installing the Armstrong Air  brand for over 25 years now and find the quality, reliability and warranty is second to none. As leaders in the industry they have an impressive record and a line of furnace products to meet every homeowners needs. From the economical 93% to the Modulating 98% we have the model to suit your budget. 

All of our staff have undergone extensive training by factory technicians to ensure your furnace is installed correctly and its initial set up is completed to suit your home.  Armstrong provides a five year warranty on all parts and each heat exchanger also has its own warranty. As well you will be provided the proper information by your installer to receive a FREE  upgrade to a ten year parts warranty with a simple online registration. We at CURTIS provide you with a two year labor warranty and discounts on maintenance for years to come. 

When booking your new furnace replacement, we complete, free of charge, an energy assessment of your home and verify proper sizing of your furnace to meet the requirements of your home and existing duct system. (An improperly sized furnace can cause lots of future problems that do not always appear immediately such as excess noise, short cycling causing acid to form on your heat exchanger and components, higher than expected energy bills, multiple repairs etc...)  

We provide you with a written contract including exact costs of your replacement. All work is completed by a licensed and insured technician and we take out the appropriate permits to complete your task. We remain competitive but will not sacrifice quality to under cut a low bidder whom likely cannot provide the same quality of knowledge, background and community history. We take pride in every task and wish to be here for you for many years to come.

Modular homes are something that we are very familiar with and are able to provide you with a new Intertherm or Coleman mobile home furnace. Furnaces designed for installation in mobiles are very specific to the to the requirements of the high static duct system. House furnaces work on a completely different principle and are not to be installed in existing mobiles with older duct systems. Some of the New modulars are coming from the factory with properly adapted high efficiency furnaces. In most cases when your furnace is being replaced a new safety vent chimney will also be required. Ask us for your free quote in Strathmore and area. 

Shop or Garage Heating  - We have a wide variety of equipment available to best fit your building. We install Radiant tube heaters, unit heaters as well as wall furnaces.  Schwank, Calcana, Space Ray, Reznor, Allied Air and Lennox are some of the brands we install. 

All CURTIS installations are completed to code by a licensed gasfitter with the appropriate permits and we carry a minimum 2 year warranty. A-Z we complete it all for you, all you do is set your thermostat to your desired comfort setting. Why buy a box store model with NO product knowledge, support  or  warranty when we can provide quality equipment at a comparable price and provide you with the knowledge that it was installed properly, safely and legally?   

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