Emergency Repair Services:

At times even with good equipment and properly scheduled maintenance, unforeseen breakdowns occur. We are able to provide you with quick and reliable repairs on most major brands without fear of elevated costs.    Our technicians understand how critical it is to keep your home running efficiently and will keep you informed of the issues and associated costs.  

With families working so hard to build and  maintain a warm, comfortable home for their loved ones, seemingly unnecessary delays can seem devastating.  As there are so many makes and models of heating equipment out there (many still from 50+ years ago), we are unable to carry a complete inventory of each and every component that may be required but each CURTIS service van is equipped with a large inventory of components and diagnostic tools.   Most repairs can be made within a hour or two of our arrival but there are inevitably times we that may have to order parts that are not readily available and with factors such as shipping may take a few days or even longer in the case of some specialty systems.   If this delay does occur, we can provide you with safe, temporary electric heaters to help you through till the repairs are completed.

There are also times that the repair is just too costly to justify and replacement is the logical choice to update outdated equipment to a newer system that meets all codes and with more readily available parts, our technician will be pleased to provide the knowledge and assist you honestly in that decision, working with your lifestyle, budget and timeline.

CURTIS GASFITTING & HEATING has been proudly serving Wheatland County since 1997 and we have certainly learned a few things over those years. We work hard to  ensure that our staff receives relevant, current training and the most up-to-date information about all of your heating and cooling needs. Keeping you cool and warm is our goal! 


Our technicians are consumers too!

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Emergency Service and Repairs
Our staff have worked with just about everything that's out there. So you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to service even the toughest units.