Cooling Equipment Installations

When CURTIS supplies and installs a 410A, 13 or 14 seer Armstrong air conditioner in your home we do it RIGHT.  

Due to the relatively short A/C season we typically experience here in Southern Alberta, these are the seer ratings we recommend due to the cost.  Higher efficiency units are very difficult to justify the added expense for such a short time frame. There are no surprises when CURTIS quotes a price.  The quoted amount is the price that you will pay.  Items required for the install that are consider “extras” or “options” by others in the industry, we provide as standard equipment. All of our installations include Armstrong 4scu condenser, A/C fibre pad, wall mount bracket (if required), copper line set and insulation, 13-14 seer evaporator coil above furnace, sheet metal alterations, 24 volt controls and wire, new programmable heat/cool thermostat (if required), liquid line dryer, thermal expansion valve, site glass, 24 volt low ambient safety, properly sized 240volt breaker, 240 volt wiring from panel, 240 volt outdoor service disconnect and fitted winter cover. 

​We can also provide you with quality repairs on all brands as well as annual servicing of coils line sets and drain lines to ensure you have a comfortable summer with equipment that operates smoothly and reliably.
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Indoor Air Quality....

Duct Cleaning

With our up to date equipment (upgraded in 2014) and training, we can assure you that the air being moved in your heating and ventilation system is as clean as possible for your family's health. We use only the new Hypervac Hybrid Duct Vacuum system and powerful air to loosen any debris that may have found its way into your duct system. We complete this task in a few hours regardless of weather and leaving your home clean and comfortable.  

The CURTIS duct cleaning procedure for a standard home with up to ten (10) ducts is $229.00 + GST (additional vents are $7 each) and includes:  turn up thermostat to check furnace cycle; using drop cloths to protect your valuable flooring; connect HYPERVAC to supply air duct of furnace and then return air ensuring both systems are cleaned;  clean or replace standard filters (16x25 or 20x25);  cover each heat register and return vent;  using both forward and reverse skippers to clean each pipe with 150 PSI air to force debris into our industry leading self contained vacuum;  clean main trunk supply and returns;  patch all holes in ducting used for cleaning; blow out furnace, burners, blower and wipe down;  cycle furnace to ensure operation;  advise homeowner of any issues found with recommendations for repairs as necessary.

Please visit the Hypervac You Tube demo to see why we have chose this equipment for you.

Air Cleaners

We supply and install Honeywell and Whiterodgers electronic air cleaners, with the amazing ability to clean the air going into your furnace your family can breath easy. These models are very easy to maintain for the average homeowner and require very little time to service. With each unit boasting a five year warranty. Being that these air cleaners are recognized as non restrictive (will not restrict air flow causing problems with heating and air conditioning systems.) They will provide years of quality service to your home.


We have been installing the General Air 1042 By-pass humidifier for many years, providing reliable service with very low maintenance requirements a simple evaporator pad changed each year and your set. We install a copper water supply line to ensure you will not have the breakage that the inexpensive plastic lines incur. A properly humidified home is healthier and can reduce energy costs in the winter as much as 2-5%. Although we have other models available this would be our first choice. We also install customer supplied humidifiers if you have a model you would like from your local home improvement store.

Air Exchangers

We supply and install Lifebreath systems that are properly designed to meet the needs of your modern home.  With more homebuilders tightening the home for energy efficiency, the air can be less than healthy, this is particularly true in hydronically heated homes (Boiler systems or infloor).  The building code requires a minimum of three complete air exchanges a day. This does not affect your heating costs as it is only the air being removed, not the objects in your home that stay warm. The old stale air leaving your home is used to heat the new fresh clean air coming in so the energy you are exhausting is being used in a positive manner.

UV Lights

When properly installed in your duct system, UV lights can be a very effective method of eliminating unhealthy mold spore and other bacteria that thrive in unprotected homes. This is  particularly helpful above AC coils or standing drum style or L40 humidifiers.  For more information, please visit: General Filters 

We are happy to service what we sell!  To make it even easier, annual maintenance can be arranged at time of installation.